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Giving Back


As the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes(T1D) research, JDRF is a top-rated charity by many independent charity watchdogs. More than 80% of JDRF's expenditures go toward its mission. To date, JDRF has given more than $1.6 billion to diabetes research.

This disease strikes home wth my family. I have two brothers(Tim & John) who battle the disease on a daily basis. I also have a son (Brendan) who was diagnosed with the disease on March 17th 1995.

Type 1 or juvenile diabetes is an auto immune disease. The pancreas no longer produces insulin due to the breakdown in a diabetic's immune system. Insulin is responsible for helping convert food (carbs & protein) into energy. Tim,John and Brendan receive insulin from injections and an isulin pump. All three need to regulate their diet and insulin intake on a daily basis. Consequences of low blood sugars tend to be immediate including seizure or coma, while the consequences of high blood sugars are typically longer term complications including kidney failure, blindness, heart disease and stroke. Unfortunately diabetes is not something that wll just go away or an individual will grow out of. A CURE IS NEEDED!!

My brothers Tim and John live productive lives. Tim is in St. Louis raising his family of four boys with his wife Donna. John is a highly successful sales executive living in Chicago.

Brendan is 19 and has graduated from high school and is pursuing a dream of playing college hockey.

Because of what I have experienced with my family, I am passionate about finding a cure for this disease.

Patrick M. Kelly