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Shamrock Capital, Inc.

Patrick M. Kelly AIF®

4370 Swansboro Way
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Client Bill of Rights

1. The Right to Education

Markets are volatile. We sit down and have one-on-one discussions with you about what will happen if there are changes in the market ... before they happen. We are prepared and take a proactive stance in managing your investments.

2. The Right to Communication

When the investment landscape is confusing you have the right to expect direct and supportive communication about market conditions and the current investing environment. We will not shy away from communication regardless of those conditions.

3. The Right to Expect Disciplined Decisions

Emotions run high when chaos is running rampant in the markets. You are entitled to expect that disciplined decisions are made on your behalf. We are not “YES” advisors. An honest forthright decision is what we offer.

4. The Right to Flexibility

Markets change ... so do your unique portfolio needs. Portfolios should not be so rigid that they don't allow changes in allocation as it relates to risk.

5. The Right to Know the Location of the Lifeboats

Every so often markets will crash and panic will ensue. You have the right to know where the lifeboats are before icebergs are spotted. In the case of a severe market decline , we make sure that you are aware of where you stand and what your options are.